What sets us apart

New School consultants

At Regeneration Projects we think differently to your run of the mill business consultancy. Identifying, measuring and communicating your impacts can be super confusing and it’s all too easy to get lost in the labyrinth. So, here's a few points on what gives us our edge:



From Another World

Our team’s backgrounds range from the worlds of design, wellbeing and the outdoors.  Without being bound by conventions we can offer fresh insights to your business or organisation.


Upgrade From Sustainability 

Why settle for the old when there’s a new model to takes its place? Our clients are leapfrogging over Sustainability towards regeneration. Stay ahead of the game!


Step Up Your Impact 

The best defence is a good offence. We explain to our clients that regeneration principles are your goal-kickers, whereas sustainability is your backline. You need both but the way to win against the grand challenges the world is facing is to get onto your front foot.  


World-leading Tools & Knowledge

We’ve literally searched the world for best-practice tools that businesses leaders can adapt to their organisations. For us, that’s often meant going outside of run of the mill precedents and cross-pollinating ideas from different industries.


Keep It Simple

Our tools are designed for everyday people not climate scientists or policy makers. Regeneration is complex but by using stories, metaphors and infographics you’ll be a pro in no time!


Small and Agile

As a startup we move quickly to respond to the needs of clients. We understand that you want to get runs on the board, so let’s get started!



Our team is young, dynamic and full of beans. We see the world and possibilities of the future from quite a unique angle. While we respect tradition, and our Elders, we’re charting a new course.