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A Business of Changing Daily Habits

Story by Julia Kay

Julia & Jordy Kay, the innovators behind Great Wrap (Credit: C.Hawks)

Every year in Australia we send 12,000 tonnes of coffee cups to landfill. It’s a huge problem that consumers have demonstrated major behavioural changes to overcome. Stretch wrap often goes unseen, but is one of the largest contributors to this waste problem. Australia consumes 12.5 times that of coffee cups in stretch wrap each year and sends it all to landfill. That's 150,000 tonnes of petroleum based wrap going straight into the bin. Great Wrap is tackling this problem head on.

We developed a revolutionary formula that uses food waste as the main raw material. The wrap is not only home compostable but also soil and landfill biodegradable. That means Great Wrap breaks down into carbon and water in under a few weeks in a compost pile and less than a year if it ends up in landfill. The cling wrap is manufactured in a solar powered factory one hour south of Melbourne on the Mornington Peninsula.

We launched in March 2020 and despite it being the world’s worst time to launch a business we have achieved rapid growth. In the first year of operation Great Wrap managed to divert over 5,000 kilometres of plastic from landfill. 2021 is looking like an even bigger year with Great Wrap planning to make 6,000 tonnes of compostable cling wrap and pallet wrap, a huge proportion of Australia’s annual usage. By 2022 Great Wrap will produce one third of this making the company the largest manufacturer of stretch wrap in Australia. Knowing that

It’s not only the materials inputs of the product that are exciting, it’s encouraging the practice of composting that is really powerful. If 1% of the population composted food scraps instead of throwing them in the bin, it would save 45 million kgs of CO2 which is the same as taking about 60,000 cars off the road each year.

The rapid growth and demand for Great Wrap affirms that there is a willingness amongst Australian’s to think about the future of their world and make every change they can. Even if it starts small in the kitchen the numbers add up. There is an ever growing community around Great Wrap that believes in our vision to revolutionise the way we think about plastics.

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(Credit: C.Hawks)

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