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Intergenerational Collaboration

Now that we’re well and truly up and running, it’s clear which kind of clients we starting to attract. Here's a brief run down ...

Firstly, there’s the Baby Boomer and Gen X eco-pioneers.

These fiercely independent and entrepreneurial business leaders have been driven by an awareness of sustainability for years. Their challenge though is connecting with Gen Y Millennials, both as staff and customers. Although they recognise the importance of social and environmental initiatives, eco-pioneers haven’t always focused on measuring and communicating impacts. So, when Millennials and the emerging Gen Z’s expect that level of transparency as a baseline, it can create tension. This is where Regeneration Projects steps in to support Baby Boomer and Gen X leaders to start identifying, measuring and communicating the impacts of their products and services. Our Regeneration Impact Strategies are the epitome of this.

Photo: Matt Sykes with Sean Willmore and Tim Schneider (Thin Green Line Foundation) at 3:30am this morning, after a global Ranger Round Table discussing response to COVID-19.

The second market segment that’s coming through are Gen Y start ups.

Now, this wave of purpose-driven leaders is pushing boundaries because they’ve actually chosen business as a way of addressing social, cultural or environmental imbalances. (Sorry politicians! Our faith in the system ain’t so great) Generally, these clients have well-written purpose statements and some form of impact accreditation. Although better at communicating, Gen Y entrepreneurs still need to work on measuring and structuring their impacts. Mindful of tighter resource constraints we’ve custom-designed a 6-session Regeneration Roadmap for startups and small businesses. The result is an Impact Scorecard which elevates their vision and goals beyond sustainability to regeneration.

Photo: Jordy and Julia from Great Wrap, starting on their 6-week Regeneration Roadmap

The question becomes “Who’s next?”

Well, we think it’s actually going to be Baby Boomer and Gen X leaders of the Old School. Those who were raised in a culture of ‘the bottom line’ and for whom sustainability is so confusing that they don’t know where to start. To them we say, we’re here to guide and support you not judge you. Together let's be the change!

So, if you know of any Old School leaders (Maybe your parents;), why not send them a link to our website and let them know that “These guys can help you get started”.

Photo: Matt with renowned Australian architect Greg Burgess on a flight back from central Australia, sharing ideas for an Aboriginal cultural centre (taken by Marty Williams)

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