By Matt Sykes

Melbourne’s brand has been rolled through smoke, sweat and germs over the past twelve months. Once associated with the pursuit of Sustainability, now our home city is world-renowned for its COVID Clusters.

But what if we were to flip that term ‘cluster’ on its head?

What if, through our post-COVID recovery, Melbourne started cultivating waves of regenerative business innovation? And these clusters formed an ecosystem of individuals, businesses and organisations all striving towards a city better than before.

From 2021, let's start conceptualising Melbourne as the ‘Copenhagen of the South’. Stepping out of lockdown can mark the beginning of a fresh chapter for the heart of the Kulin Nation, one defined by cross-cultural collaboration between Melbourne’s First Peoples and Migrants past, present and future.

Regeneration starts with our urban ecosystems - Target #1: Swimmable Birrarung by 2030

What if we sent a different viral message through our city? One of hope ... Let’s show the world our dogged determination and resilience by rising above adversity. Let’s show strength by working with other global business centres which are also in desperate need of rebranding. And let’s be bold enough to dream of a kind of business not ON Earth, but in collaboration WITH our Earth.

Melbourne, let’s start cultivating the soil for a Centre of Regenerative Excellence to emerge. The sun is rising over Mount Dandenong and a new normal is calling Us.










Cygnet, a cycle of regeneration that has defined the Birrarung / Yarra River for millennia

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