• Matt Sykes

Purpose-driven Leaders, Hold the Line

By Matt Sykes, Image: 'Holding On', Pillars of Sabah, Malaysian Borneo

I’m reluctant to use a military metaphor but somehow it feels fitting. This year we’ve found ourselves caught in the crossfire, surrounded by so much uncertainty that one could be forgiven for losing their way. And yet, in amongst the clouds of doubt, the so-called purpose-driven leaders of the world have by and large held their ground. In some cases, the turbulence has put even more fire in the belly of those with noble intentions to regenerate our Earth, or at least their own backyard.

The truth is that carrying the weight of the Earth, some call it ‘eco-anxiety’, has made this year a little tougher. We’re worrying about a pandemic, lighter wallets, racial inequality, plastic use and a rising climate all at once. Oh, and we’re trying to effect systems change and kickstart a regenerative economy. That’s quite a juggle hey!

We do have to laugh about it otherwise the seriousness becomes overwhelming and we risk losing the little joys in life; bird song, sun rays and a stranger’s smiling eyes above a face mask. Of course, we’re all craving regeneration within and fortunately for those of us based in a lucky country like Australia, we’ll enjoy that much needed rest. We do not forget however those who are less privileged, their continuing struggle as well as our duty of care. As we begin practicing how to recline on a deck chair with an organic beer or glass of biodynamic wine in hand, refilling our inner well, we will remember.

And here’s the punchline folks, we’ll need every ounce of that energy to enter the most epic decade of our lives. I can already feel the emergence and confluence of something very special starting to manifest, like a gnarly wave building on the horizon. Many others are saying the same thing, which is really flippin’ fantastic because we’re over being ready … Generations of pioneers having been guiding us to this point. It's our time to carry the baton.

So, my fellow peaceful warriors, rest now but hold the line. 2021 is going to change everything.

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