Regeneration, one story at a time

I love stories, always have. I have a memory of my dad reading me ‘Blinky Bill’ when I was a kid. Blinky was an energetic, ‘rogue’ koala who got up to all kinds of mischief. Sometimes it got him into trouble, but there was this narrative around his independence being his greatest strength.

In the context of business, every organisation, industry, region and city has its own unique narrative that defines it. For example, Melbourne positions itself as a ‘City of Sustainability’. You might even think of it as the ‘Copenhagen of the South’ and through that association all kinds of images come to mind – both cities straddle a prominent waterway that acts as the ‘lifeblood’ for culture, business and innovation. There’s a closeness with the outdoors but also an urban sophistication.

Copenhagen, world-renowned for its progressive efforts towards Sustainability

Right now, the global community and the business cultures that sit within it, are walking through a ceremonial fire of transition. It’s a process of looking forward, but also letting go. It’s not ok to continue damaging the whole living system that is Planet Earth and it’s not ok to deny that every single one of us has the responsibility and capability to do something about it, now.

Every story we share, every conversation and business meeting we have, constructs our future. The narratives and language patterns of traditional economics have us standing precariously at the edge of a cliff. Stories of Regeneration are a new path for our minds, hearts and feet to follow.

Working 1:1, every conversation matters

At Regeneration Projects we are so conscious of every exchange that we have with a client, and thus seek every opportunity to weave regenerative principles into that conversation. But then it’s up to business leaders to apply these principles, in their own ways, and to educate their customers and community about why this shift beyond sustainability is so damn important. You can’t do that through facts and figures alone. It needs stories of hope and inspiration.

You’re a leader. You’re an advocate for our future. What narrative are we going to co-create as we step beyond these coals of initiation? It’s too late to go back, the shorter distance is forward. I’ll leave you with a final thought … what if?

Melbourne 2030, the Silicon Valley of Regeneration

Birrarung, could Melbourne's regeneration start with a swimmable Yarra River?

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