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You are the System

By Raghad Fathaddin

“The way I navigate life is like this: I constantly ask myself what is everything trying to tell me, every moment, human, thought, experience, emotion and challenge. Working at UNESCO, made me realize that I was not there to act just yet. I was meant to learn the power of arts and education in shaping a well and a more sustainable future. I was also meant to learn that organizations are just like nations; they are made by its people. Hence, success and failure start there. And just like that, my journey with Sangha “Estidama Hub” started.”

You are the System. So why not shape a system that is fit for the human spirit?

As a child, it took me sometime to fully process and accept that I am here, in this life, living a human experience. I was confused and curious to understand what was my purpose and what it meant to be human. Hence, I dedicated my life to understand that; taking my life as my biggest experiment and investment. Every challenge provided me with further insight and knowledge; realizing that the current system is not fit for the human spirit. As a teenager, my soul felt so restricted. By senior year, I chose to stop complaining, until I did my part. So, I decided to proceed with my BA in Politics and International Relations to understand the system. Then I proceeded with my MA in Public Policy to learn how to change the system in a manner that fits the human spirit. One job after another, experiences, books, documentaries, conversations and life struggle all led me to where I am today, founding Sangha “Estidama Hub” and fulfilling my purpose.

‘Sangha’ means community in Sanskrit and ‘Estidama’ is derived from the Arabic word sustainability. As Sangha "Estidama Hub", we are a platform that serves as an ecosystem to fuel, foster and facilitate sustainable development. We are driven by the belief that the state of the world is nothing but a reflection of the state of the citizens of the world. Hence, we shape a more sustainable future and accelerate human progress through facilitating a culture of inner wellbeing for future Saudi leaders. Because, if we want to tackle our social, economic and environmental issues as well as meet our commitments to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), and transition towards a wellbeing economy; then we first need to invest in our future leaders. Invest in skills such as empathy, persuasion, confidence, autonomy and the ability to master relationships. Skills that can cultivate success in a century of change. We need to invest in mindsets, in the way we interact with ourselves and the world around us because that is going to shape our belief system, and dictate our behavior. Policy change is just a small fraction of what we need to do. If we really want to transition towards a wellbeing economy and achieve our SDG’s then we need to treat the core issue rather than the symptoms.

“Love yourself, you deserve it the most!”

We tend to forget that we are the system. Whatever we choose to accept, whatever we decide, whatever we do, however we choose to live and lead, is the system. You have so much more power than you allow yourself to realize. Tap into your potential, explore it and please do yourself and the whole world a favor and just unleash your infinite potential. We are thrilled to meet your being and celebrate you! And as Sangha “Estidama Hub”, we are so excited to shape a well and a more sustainable future with you, through you and for you. So, join our Sangha!

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About the Author:

Raghad Fathaddin is the founder of Sangha “Estidama Hub” and an Internationally Certified Holistic Health and Wellbeing Coach, with a MA in Public Policy and 5 years professional experience in International Relations, Political Analysis, Advocacy and Project Management in various NGO’s and IO; such as Oxfam, United Nations for Education, Science and Cultural organization (UNESCO), Counterpoints Arts and Singa UK.

She is a strong believer and advocator of the power of arts and education in the promotion of sustainability and social wellbeing. Through Sangha Estidama Hub, she is keen to play a positive and a leading role in supporting nations transition towards a wellbeing economy and accelerate human progress through facilitating a culture of inner wellbeing for future Saudi leaders.

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