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Hello RY20/21, goodbye FY19/20

July 3 2020

Ok, we’re officially four weeks in ...

We’ve set up a consultancy to guide leaders beyond the chasm of sustainability and cultivate a new story called ‘regeneration’. Mates keep asking “How’s the new venture going?”. I tend to give a stoic response, “It’s starting to take root, word is now spreading to friends of friends.” But underneath its tough going.

On good days I find myself energised because we’re being positive and proactive. Let’s face it, hope is precious at the moment. On other days, I just feel tired. There’s a truck load of work to do and despite my persistent optimism, COVID can make it hard to get out of bed.

Here’s to the Oranges

In our first two months, during a global pandemic, we managed to start a new business. We've run over a dozen of pilots with clients around the world (Thank you Zoom) and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Phew!

A couple of Lemons

Cash flow is scarce. Start Ups out there, you get it. Although we know we're on the right track, the customer journey and our packaging still needs work.

Looking ahead

Our team is super excited to say goodbye to FY19/20 and hello to RY20/21. With our course set for unchartered waters, we enter a new “Regeneration Year” on the boundless horizon of positive impact. Melbourne get ready because we’re about to start knocking at your door!

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