Regen Roadmap - Short Course for purpose-driven leaders

2020 was a wake up call! Now its up to leaders to chart a different path of growth

Seasonal online short courses for purpose-driven leaders looking to go beyond Sustainability.


The curriculum has been developed based on lessons from Elders and regen pioneers, as well as through experience coaching and consulting a diverse range of industry leaders in Australia and abroad.


Together, we’ll walk through seven 75min sessions, starting with a Regen 101, then stepping through the Five Capitals model and finishing with a simple, reporting and growth tool – the Regen Scorecard.

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Autumn Intake flyer:



Format: (7x) 75min online sessions


Duration: 7 weeks


Commitment: 3 hours per week (including homework)


Target audience: Purpose-driven professionals looking to evolve their careers through regenerative practice


Class size: Spaces limited to 25 people


Price: $650 + gst



Autumn Intake


“The Regen Roadmap is exactly that, a clear, concise and illustrative introduction to regenerative approaches and how they can benefit a business. It helps you reframe what you do and explains why. It was super challenging and refreshing at the same time, and I’d encourage everyone feeling a little lost in business to give this program a look!”


Joh Bloomberg

People, Safety & Environment Manager at Tasmanian Walking Company

Summer 2021


"The Regen Roadmap grounds regenerative concepts in a practical guide unlike any other framework I've come across. Applying holistic principles to business is no small feat, but with program you are sure to go beyond status-quo sustainability. Matt took me on a journey to challenge my own preconceptions and I am grateful to add the Regen Roadmap into my toolkit to help foster a more loving and regenerative planet"


Kelvin Wicks

Graduate Research Assistant at Beyond Zero Emissions

Summer 2021

"I would highly recommend the Regen Roadmap for anyone looking for an introduction to regenerative practices, not only in an environmental context but how it applies to cultural, wellbeing, intellectual and financial senses too! We have learned how to apply practical actions and frameworks that work for our own businesses, ensuring that we are contributing towards creating benefit, and not only talking about it!"

Tuong Tran

Co-founder & Strategy Lead at Move-Merge Studio

Summer 2021

“The Regen Roadmap helped us build our impact, strengthen our core activities, use our business as a force for regeneration and to go beyond sustainability.”

Jamie & Len

Co-founders at The Other Straw

Spring 2020

“Starting an eco-adventure company, I had a clear objective on what I wanted to achieve … The question was, how I was going to achieve that. Regeneration Projects allowed WAM! to think outside the box about community, ecology, culture, trade and education. As a result, I was able to form some fantastic partnerships, knowledge and direction which wouldn’t have happened otherwise.”


Nic Cooper

Founder at WAM! Wild Adventures Melbourne

Spring 2020

“Thanks to Matt at Regeneration Projects for helping us investigate how we can work more holistically and regeneratively. We are excited to take the knowledge with us into 2021.”


Mads & Tabea

Co-founders at Growlab Oslo

Spring 2020

“Regeneration Projects has made us look internally at not just the way we operate but how we can lay positive roots in all aspects of our company. The program made facing our challenges exciting rather than a daunting task we would put off until next year.”

Jordy & Julia Kay

Co-founders at Great Wrap

Winter 2020