Young Voices in Tourism

A research report profiling insights on young people's perspective of the Australian tourism industry. This document has emerged as a wake up call for industry leaders to reconsider their relationship with young professionals within tourism, hospitality and events in the context of COVID-19. Recommendations have been put forward at industry, operator and government levels to facilitate new intergenerational conversations and collaborations as we look towards the regeneration of tourism in Australia.

Full report

Summary report

Key Partners:

Young Tourism Network

Young Tourism Leader Discussion Group

Monash Sustainable Tourism Association


Guide to Regenerative Reporting

Regenerative reporting is all about facilitating and measuring transformation. It requires a holistic

and thorough reporting process aligned with standards in the global reporting community to bring benefits for a business and all of its stakeholders. In this, our first reporting guide, summarised best-practice methodologies from around the world and also taken a step towards embedded regenerative principles. You’ll note that we still regularly

reference sustainability, which

may seem contradictory but, in

fact it demonstrates the broader

state of transition we are all in.

We welcome the CEOs of progressive startups, Impact Managers within established firms and curious minds to access the guide here.

Key Partners:

Olivia Salsbery, USA

Cat Martin, Melbourne

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Regenerative Tourism Trail


In 2019, through the support of Australia's Victorian Tourism Industry Council and Peninsula Hot Springs, Matt Sykes assembled a 2030 vision for a 900km hot springs and bathing tourism route along Victoria's southern coastline. The Great Victorian Bathing Trail strategy is based on global research through Japan, China, Nordic region, UK and USA. 

The Great Victorian Bathing Trail is a scaleable model for regenerative tourism around the world, critically it demonstrates how tourism can be a catalyst for broader Regeneration - ecological, social, cultural, economic and spiritual.

Key Partners:

Global Wellness Institute -

Hot Springs Initiative

Victorian Tourism Industry Council

Peninsula Hot Springs Group


21 Days of Regen,

A toolkit to kickstart 2021

The ’21 Days of Regen’ advent calendar is a fun and unconventional business toolkit for Australian and New Zealand changemakers to kickstart 2021. The toolkit emerged after a small group of super progressive business leaders from Melbourne gathered in response to a perfect storm - COVID-19, climate change, systemic racism, economic collapse and the inadequate narrative of Sustainability.

Download the advent calendar here.

Key Partners:

Claire Wild, Spark Strategy

Scott McCartney & Damien Foley, Kinaway

Dr Dominique Hes

Kaj Lofgren, Small Giants Academy

Alicia Darvall & Melanie Oke, Sustainability Victoria

Anna Crabb, B Lab Australia & New Zealand

Ross Harding, Finding Infinity

Sean Trewick, Circular Economy Victoria

Felicity Watson, Yarra Pools

Regen Melbourne Collective

Claire Bowles, i2C Architects

Chris Buntine, Australian Engineers Declare

Will Taing, Beanstalk Agtech

Sandy McDonald

Julia Chau, The Better Studio