What is Regeneration?

Regenerative business and development is about creating the most positive impacts we can for our local community, ecology, culture and economy. Where sustainability aspires to do 'less harm', regeneration is about doing 'more good'.

We've literally searched the world, meeting eco-pioneers and studying best-practice projects. That's given us a solid perspective on what a regenerative future could look like.

But what's needed is a framework to guide leaders, of business, government and not for profit organisations, along that journey. That's where our team and tools comes in!

It's time to go beyond Sustainability and we have the tools to equip you.




Regular online events designed to equip you with skills for regenerative business & development practice.



Fire Circle

Connecting business leaders with

First Nations Elders & Earth wisdom keepers 

Trans-Tasman Regen Roundtable

Unapologetically bold discussions with regen leaders from Aotearoa & Australia

Rising Knowledge Project

Cultural awareness training featuring Boonwurrung Elder N'arweet

Dr Carolyn Briggs AM



Seasonal online short courses for purpose-driven leaders looking to go beyond Sustainability. The curriculum has been developed based on lessons from Elders and regen pioneers, as well as through experience coaching and consulting a diverse range of industry leaders in Australia and abroad. Together, we’ll walk through seven 75min sessions, starting with a Regen 101, then stepping through the Five Capitals model and finishing with a simple, reporting and growth tool – the Regen Scorecard.

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A detailed consultation process resulting in an impact framework to realign your organisation's growth with regenerative principles. We'll work together to embed regenerative principles into the way your organisation envisages, manages, reports and communicates its impacts. Key elements include: Situational Analysis using the Five Capitals model, Stakeholder Engagement, Global Benchmarking, Regen Goals, Impact Framework and Reporting Tools.


Partner Project

World Bathing Day 2020

On June 22 2020, Regeneration Projects coordinated the social media for the third annual celebration of World Bathing Day. The Bathe the World Foundation initiative brought together bathing tourism enthusiasts in 20 countries, achieving a reach of over 500,000 people. Aided by online communications, this uplifting display of unity provided much needed hope amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Key Partners:

Global Wellness Institute 

Hot springs tourism operators


Strategy & Partnership

Great Victorian Bathing Trail, Australia

In 2019, through the support of Australia's Victorian Tourism Industry Council and Peninsula Hot Springs, Matt Sykes assembled a 2030 vision for a 900km hot springs and bathing tourism route along Victoria's southern coastline. The Great Victorian Bathing Trail strategy is based on global research through Japan, China, Nordic region, UK and USA. 

Regeneration Projects is now facilitating a new cross-sector alliance to enable the GVBT's realisation.

Key Partners:

Global Wellness Institute -

Hot Springs Initiative

Victorian Tourism Industry Council

Peninsula Hot Springs Group


Strategic Planning

Peninsula Hot Springs Group, Australia

Peninsula Hot Springs Group, together with local East Gippsland partners Adrian and Rachel Bromage, is embarking on the design and development of an iconic wellness destination in southeast Australia - Metung Hot Springs. We are now developing a regenerative framework and strategy which will support them in setting a new global benchmark for hot springs community development.

Key Partners:

Global Wellness Institute -

Hot Springs Initiative

East Gippsland Shire Council

Splinter Society Architects

Studio James Mugavin 

Screen Shot 2020-09-19 at 8.01.09 am.png

Partner Project

Boon Wurrung Foundation, Melbourne

Building on a professional relationship dating back to 2017, Regeneration Projects is working on an innovative cross-cultural education experience in collaboration with with Elder N’arweet Dr Carolyn Briggs AM and game designer Troy Innocent. The project seeks to combine traditional First Peoples' knowledge with the latest digital and Augmented Reality technology, providing deep learning experiences for students, corporate leaders and travellers.

Key Partners:

Boon Wurrung Foundation

Troy Innocent

Sunbutter 5.jpg

Regen Coaching

Sunbutter Skincare, Mornington Peninsula

Regeneration Projects ran the team from this progressive and young-spirited skincare brand through a 'Regen 101' during our initial piloting phase. It opened up a new perspective on the impacts of between their products and the waterways, communities and cultures that Sunbutter cares so much about.


Also based on the Mornington Peninsula, we continue to collaborate through social media activities and our shared membership with 1% for the Planet

Key Partners:

1% for the Planet

The Thin Green Line Foundation

Group female rangers.jpg

Partner Project

World Ranger Roundtable

On July 23 2020, the inaugural Ranger Roundtable brought together the world's foremost conservation leaders and organisations to address the impacts of COVID-19 on Rangers. Regeneration Projects supported the event planning and mind-mapped the conversation for the key partners.

We have been involved with formalising the core partner alliance and now working towards a second Roundtable in October 2020. This is a critical collaboration for the upcoming 2021-2030 Decade on Ecosystem Restoration and foundational for post-COVID-19 ecotourism and economic diversification in protected areas, as well as enabling continued Ranger employment and essential operations.

Key Partners:

International Ranger Federation

The Thin Green Line Foundation

Universal Ranger Support Alliance

Biglife Africa 2 (1).jpg

Strategic Planning

The Thin Green Line Foundation, Melbourne

The Thin Green Line Foundation works with Rangers at the frontline of conservation, 'protecting nature's protectors'. Regeneration Projects has facilitated a strategic review and development process for the organisation, interwoven with regenerative development principles.


We also support TGLF's activities in Africa, South America and the Asia-Pacific region through our annual 1% for the Planet business membership.

Key Partners:

International Ranger Federation

1% for the Planet


Strategic Planning

wukalina Walk, Tasmania

Building on a professional relationship dating back to 2013, Regeneration Projects continues to work with the team behind Australia's first multi-day Aboriginal luxury guided walk.


In January, this involved the review and development of operational manuals, in collaboration with young Palawa Aboriginal guides. We are now exploring ways to support the rekindling of traditional knowledge through social media and technology.

Key Partners:

Aboriginal Land Council of Tasmania

Tasmanian Parks & Wildlife Service

20191127_141010 (1).jpg

Strategic Planning

Swimmable Birrarung / Yarra River, Melbourne

One of the major opportunities identified in the Great Victorian Bathing Trail strategy was for the City of Melbourne to make its iconic Yarra River safe to swim in by 2030. This is in line with benchmarks in Helsinki, Copenhagen, Oslo, London, Paris, Berlin and New York City. The river is known as Birrarung by local Aboriginal people, which means 'river of mists'.

Regeneration Projects continues to work with a range of stakeholders to achieve this important civic legacy.

Key Partners:

Great Victorian Bathing Trail Alliance

Yarra Pools


Regen Coaching

Great Wrap,


Regeneration Projects piloted our first 'Regen Roadmap' with the team behind this incredible biodegradable (& compostable) cling wrap business. By embracing online communications through COVID-19 lockdown, we were able to equip the inspiring Gen Y entrepreneurs driving Great Wrap with simple tools to identify, measure and communicate their integrated impacts.

Key Partners:

Home cooks & gardeners, Chefs


Partner Projects

Regeneration Roundtables

In response to COVID-19 we’ve developed an online forum model to accelerate the uptake of regenerative business practices. We're currently working with change makers in southeastern Australia, and the USA, on a series of events for late 2020. These will facilitate innovative partnerships to accelerate COVID-19 recovery in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Key Partners:

Virtual Campfires

Melbourne Regeneration Roundtable

Young Victorian Tourism Leader Discussion Group


Strategic Planning



MovEat is an innovative food experience operator based in the Nordic region. They run tours around Sweden, from small villages to big cities like Stockholm. Regeneration Projects has initiated a strategic process with a 'Regen 101' session. Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, further work is currently on hold. The resulting strategy will include a strong focus on MovEat's alignment with the 

UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Key Partners:

Visit Sweden

Chefs & Restaurants in over 50 Swedish villages and cities 


Strategic Planning

Tasmanian Walking Company, Australia

Regeneration Projects kicked off a larger strategic process with Australia's leading ecotourism operator through a 'Regen 101' session. This enabled a fresh perspective on both the Tasmanian Walking Company and Australian Walking Company's impacts on community, nature, culture and the economy.

Further work has been temporarily delayed due to COVID-19 but plans are to explore a full Regen Strategy.

Key Partners:

Tasmanian Parks & Wildlife Service

Aboriginal Land Council of Tasmania



Regenerative Food Tourism Handbook, Global

Regeneration Projects has begun scoping a regenerative tourism handbook for regenerative farmers and small-scale producers. The project involves close partnerships with food entrepreneurs in the Nordic region and aspires to new standards of best-practice. By accelerating trends, the project specifically seeks to raise awareness about the opportunities to address SDG 13 Climate Action (including carbon sequestration) through regenerative agriculture. Through radical collaboration the project aspires to facilitate innovative knowledge-sharing between over 50 countries around the world.

Key Partners:

MovEat, Sweden

Food Studio, Norway


Regen Coaching

The Other Straw,

Mornington Peninsula

After dipping their toes in the water of regenerative business through our '101' introduction session, the dynamic duo behind The Other Straw were quick to take the next step through our 'Roadmap'. Like many Millennials, they were eager to push beyond sustainability and take their work to a whole new level of impact. The Other Straw are also 1% for the Planet business members.

Key Partners:

Bamboo farmers in rural Vietnam

1% for the Planet