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It's time to regenerate our Earth and we believe that collaboration is the key.

The world is in transition. COVID-19, Climate Change, economic recession and the Black Lives Matter movement are the signs of old ways passing and a new wave of business is starting to emerge. Regeneration Projects exists to support the leaders creating this Earth-wide shift; Indigenous and non-Indigenous, established and emerging.

First we need to break down the industry silos and economic narratives that are binding us. We do this through brokering unexpected partnerships, facilitating cross-sector roundtable discussions and managing industry alliances. We also offer services to purpose-driven businesses and organisations that enable their transition from a Sustainability 'less harm' mindset to a Regenerative 'more benefit' strategy.

Together, let's fully embrace the Regen movement!


Earth needs us to rise up now, together. Let's collaborate on game-changing regeneration projects! 



Our 'Regen Roadmap' focuses on increasing your impact to community, nature, culture, trade & education.



Embedding regenerative principles in your business or organisation's DNA will take it to a whole new level.


Portfolio snapshot


The Thin Green Line Foundation, Melbourne

The Thin Green Line Foundation works with Rangers at the frontline of conservation, 'protecting nature's protectors'. Regeneration Projects has facilitated a strategic review and development process for the organisation, interwoven with regenerative development principles.


We also support TGLF's activities in Africa, South America and the Asia-Pacific region through our annual 1% for the Planet business membership.

Key Partners:

International Ranger Federation

1% for the Planet


Peninsula Hot Springs Group, Australia

Peninsula Hot Springs Group is embarking on the design and development of an iconic wellness destination in southeast Australia - Metung Hot Springs. Regeneration Projects is now developing a framework and strategy which will support the team's goal to set a new global benchmark for hot springs community development.

Key Partners:

Global Wellness Institute -

Hot Springs Initiative

East Gippsland Shire Council

Splinter Society Architects

Studio James Mugavin 





MovEat is an innovative food experience operator based in the Nordic region. They run tours around Sweden, from small villages to big cities like Stockholm. Regeneration Projects has initiated a strategic process with a 'Regen 101' session. Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, further work is currently on hold. The resulting strategy will include a strong focus on MovEat's alignment with the 

UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Key Partners:

Visit Sweden

Chefs & Restaurants in over 50 Swedish villages and cities 

About Us
  • New generation leaders

    Our Team

    Our young-spirited team is incredibly passionate about leading the movement to regenerate our home Planet. Positioned in one of the world's leading purpose-driven business communities, Melbourne, we have a very unique perspective to offer our clients. From the Asia-Pacific to the Nordic region, we've travelled all over the world to understand and live global best-practice business. Now, we're excited to be sharing that knowledge and collaborating with like-minds who are brave enough to challenge the status quo.

  • Founder & CEO

    Matt Sykes

    • Committed to set new benchmarks for best-practice regenerative development

    • Mentored by purpose-driven business pioneers

    • Experience in design, social entrepreneurship & tourism 

    • Studied at the University of Cambridge, University of Melbourne & TasTafe Hobart

    • Awarded the 2018 Lynette Bergin Fellowship by Australia’s Victorian Tourism Industry Council

    • Partnerships Chair on the founding B Local Melbourne committee 

Our Purpose

Guiding leaders in the transition beyond Sustainability to Regenerative development.

Our vision is to create a wave of regeneration projects across the Earth which embed regenerative business culture at all levels of global leadership. Some core values that steer our direction include: 

Integrity, Simplicity, Compassion, Excellence & Abundance.

Our Impact

Empowering leaders through Regen

Regeneration Projects is a small Melbourne-based consultancy with a global impact. We work directly with progressive purpose-driven leaders who are prepared to challenge the status quo. Our 20 plus years of combined experience working with eco-pioneers carries through in our uncompromising commitment to the spirit of collaboration, in sync with SDG 17 - Partnerships for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Alignment

Leading by example

At Regeneration Projects we align our work with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as well as the emerging 2021-2030 Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. We're are a 1% for the Planet business member and an aspiring B Corp. We also offset all our carbon emissions through Gold Standard projects.

Our Origins

Thinking local, acting global

Regeneration Projects was born in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. Our first project was a submission to the United Nations World Tourism Organisation's 'Healing Solutions Tourism Challenge'. We proposed a 

regenerative development framework to assist in kickstarting the global industry. It remains at the core of our work. 

We acknowledge our Earth and the daily services that her ecosystems provide us.

We acknowledge the First Nations people of the lands, waters and seas where we work as well as their living connection to Country through Elders past, present & emerging.


We acknowledge the many paths of migration that enrich our community through culture, trade and stories.

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